Skull- Norma Lateralis

Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know

  • The bones and sutures seen in Norma Lateralis.
  • Prominent landmarks and reference points seen in Norma Lateralis.
  • Muscles and ligaments attached to bone seen in Norma Lateralis.


Bones seen in Norma Lateralis

Bones seen in norma lateralis


Pterion and Asterion

Pterion and Asterion


Parts of Temporal Bone and Bony Landamarks Seen in Norma Lateralis

Parts of temporal bone and bony landmarks seen in norma lateralis


Suprameatal Triangle ( Macewen’s Triangle)


Suprameatal triangle/macewan's triangle


Attachments of  Zygomatic arch, Temporal fossa,Styloid and Mastoid Process

attachments of mastoid  and styloid process



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