Development of Cardio-vascular System-Important Questions

Development of Cardio-Vascular System

Q1. Enumerate the:

  • changes in  blood circulation that occur at birth.
  • adult derivatives of right and left subcardinal veins.
  • derivative of right and left 4th aortic arch.
  • derivatives of  right and left 6th aortic arch.
  • right and left anterior cardinal vein.
  •  embryological structures  that form right atrium
  • embryological structures  that form left atrium
  • embryological structures  that form interventricular septum.

Q2. Name the adult derivative/s of :


  • septum primum
  • septum secundum
  • right horn of  sinus venousus
  • left horn of sinus venosus
  • left umbilical vein
  • ductus arteriosus
  • ductus venosus
  • left common cardinal vein

Q3. Describe briefly:

  • Development of interartial septum formation and associated congenital anomalies .
  • Development of inteventricular septum formation and associated congenital anomalies .
  • development of right atrium.
  • Tetrology of fallot.
  • Development of inferior vena-cava.
  • Development of portal vein.
  • Fetal circulation and the changes that occur in circulation at birth.
  •  Patent  foramen ovale
  • Coarctation of aorta
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