Knee Joint

Describe knee joint under the following headings:

  1. Type
  2. Articular surfaces
  3. Capsule  and synovial membrane
  4. Ligaments
  5. Movements
  6. Bursae around knee joint
  7. Blood and nerve supply
  8. Applied anatomy


Knee Joint- Type and Articular Surfaces

Knee Joint- Type and articular surfaces


Knee Joint – Articular Surfaces

Knee joint - articular surfaces


Knee Joint- Synovial Membrane

KneeJoint- Synovial membrane


Knee Joint – Ligaments

knee joint - ligaments


Knee Joint-Lateral and Medial Menisci

Knee join- lateral and medial meniscus

Knee Joint- Movements and Muscles Responsible for Them


knee joint- movements, locking and unlocking of knee joint

Bursae Around Knee Joint

Bursae around knee joint


 Knee Joint – Arterial and Nerve Supply  

Knee Joint - Arterial and Nerve Supply


Knee Joint – Applied Anatomy

Knee Joint - Applied Anatomy

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