Gluteal region

Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know

  • The origin insertion action and nerve supply of muscles of gluteal region.
  • The site for intramuscular injection in gluteal region.
  • Structures passing through greater and lesser sciatic foramen.
  • Arteries participating in trochanteric and cruciate anastomosis.
  • Trendelenberg’s test and sign.
  •  Sciatic nerve – origin, root value, course, branches .

Muscles of Gluteal Region and Their Nerve Supply

Muscles of gluteal region and their nerve supply

Structures Passing Through The Greater and Lesser Sciatic Notch

Structures passing through the greater and lesser sciatic notch


Arteries participating in Trochanteric and Cruciate anastomosis 

Arteries participating in trochanteric and cruciate anastomosis


Gluteal Muscles  – Origin, Insertion and Action

gluteal muscles - origin, insertion and action


Trendelenberg’s Test And Sign

trendenlenberg's sign



Site of Intramuscular Injection In Gluteal Region

Site of intramuscular injection in gluteal region


Lateral Rotators of Hip Joint

gluteal region muscles - lateral rotators of hip joint



Sciatic nerve – Origin, Root Value, Course , Branches and Muscles Supplied

Sciatic nerve- root value, course, branches and muscles supplied



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