Anterior Compartment of Thigh

Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know

  • Cutaneous nerves supplying front of thigh.
  • Structures draining into superficial inguinal lymph nodes.
  • Modifications of fascia lata- Iliotibial tract, Saphenous opening .
  • Muscular compartments of thigh.
  • Femoral triangle – boundaries, contents and applied anatomy.
  • Femoral sheath, femoral canal and femoral hernia.
  • Adductor canal- boundaries and contents.
  • Branches of femoral  and profunda femoris artery.
  • Femoral nerve- root value, course , branches and distribution.
  • Muscles of anterior compartment of thigh- origin, insertion, action and nerve supply.

Cutaneous Innervation of Front of Thigh

cutaneous innervation of front of thigh


Superficial Inguinal Lymph Nodes 

superficial inguinal lymph nodes and areas drained by them


Modifications of Fascia Lata

modifications of fascia lata- iliotibial tract, saphenous opening


Structures Piercing Cribriform Fascia/Passing Through Saphenous Opening

structures piercing cribriform fascia or passing through saphenous opening


Bursae on Anterior  Aspect of  Knee joint

Bursae on anterior aspect of knee


Femoral Triangle- Boundaries and Contents

femoral triangle- boundaries and contents


Femoral Sheath – Femoral canal And Femoral Hernia

femoral sheath- femoral canal and femoral hernia


Adductor Canal- Boundaries , Contents and Applied

Adductor canal- boundaries and contents


Branches of Femoral and Profunda Femoris  Arteries

branches of femoral and profunda femoris artery


Femoral nerve – Root value, Course, Branches and Distribution

femoral nerve - root value, course, branches and distribution


Muscles of Anterior compartment of Thigh

muscles of anterior compartment of thigh- origin, insertion, action and nerve supply

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