Thyroid Gland

Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know:

  • The location and parts of thyroid gland
  • Capsules of thyroid gland and their clinical relevance.
  • Parts  and gross features of thyroid gland.
  • Relations of thyroid gland.
  • Blood supply of thyroid gland.
  • Applied anatomy.


Location of thyroid gland



Parts and dimentions of thyroid gland



Capsules of thyroid gland


gross features of thyroid gland



relations of thyroid gland




relations of thyroid gland - TS of neck





arterial supply of thyroid gland



Venous drainage of thyroid gland



lymphatic drrainage of thyroid gland


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8 thoughts on “Thyroid Gland

  1. Shreyasi says:

    Good evening ma’am , above.. under capsule of thyroid gland, shouldn’t it be ”when pharynx moves thyroid gland also moves ‘ instead of larynx since larynx won’t move during deglutition but pharynx would. Also maam i have another doubt – ligament of Berry would be joining false capsule of thyroid gland to pharynx or larynx?
    Thanks and Regards

    • poonam says:

      Shreyashi during deglutition during pharyngeal phase of swallowing there is elevation of the larynx and hyoid bone toward base of tongue, bringing a passive flipping over of the epiglottis to cover the opening to the larynx.
      Contraction of pharyngeal constrictor muscles from superior to inferior direction also occurs.

    • poonam says:

      Shreyasi – during pharyngeal phase of deglutition hyoid bone and larynx move upward to help in closure of laryngeal inlet. and thyroid gland which is connected to laryngeal catilages and hyoid bone via it’s fasle capsule also moves.

      Ligament of berry is attached from false capsule of thyroid to cricoid cartilage, which is a cartilage of laryngeal wall.

  2. Chesta says:

    Hello mam…in these above slides…there isn’t a slide of lympatics and nerve supply that you showed us in the class. Can you please add them as well.


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