Temporal and Infratemporal Fossa

Learning Objectives
After reading this post you will know

  • Boundaries and contents of temporal fossa.
  • Boundaries and contents of infratemporal fossa.
  • Maxillary artery course, parts, branches and structures supplied by it.
  • Pterygoid venous plexus – location, tributaries, connections and applied anatomy.
  • Mandibular nerve – course , branches , structures innervated by it and applied anatomy.
  • Location, relations , roots and connections of otic ganglion.

boundaries of temporal fossa


contents of temporal fossa


Boundaries of infratemporal fossa


Contents of infratemporal fossa



maxillary artery and its branches

Pterygoid venous plexus- location, tributaries, connections and applied anatomy


Mandibular nerve - course, branches and distribution


Otic ganglion- location relations, roots and connections

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