Posterior Triangle of Neck

Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know:

  • Structures forming boundaries, roof and floor of posterior triangle of neck.
  • Subdividions of  posterior triangle of neck.
  • Contents of  occipital and subclavian triangle.
  • Clinical significance of subclavian triangle.
  • Origin, insertion, action and nerve supply of sternocleidomastoid muscle.


Q. Enumerate the :

  1. Structures forming the boundaries of posterior triangle.
  2. Structures forming roof of posterior triangle
  3. Cutaneous nerves supplying skin of side of neck
  4. Muscles forming floor of posterior triangle
  5. Subdivisions of posterior triangle
  6. Contents of occipital and subclavian triangles


Boundaries of posterior triangle


Roof of posterior triangle


Cutaneous nerves of neck


Muscles forming floor of posterior triangle



Subdivisions of posterior triangle



 Contents of occipital and supraclavicular(subclavian) triangles



Clinical significance of supraclavicular triangle



Sternocleidmastoid muscle




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