Paranasal Air Sinuses

Learning Objectives

After reading this blog you will know

  • Location and functions of paranasal air sinuses.
  • Site of opening of paranasal air sinuses.
  • Relations of sphenoidal air sinsuses and  clinical significance.
  • Boundaries and nerve supply of maxillary air sinus .
  • Drainage of maxillary sinus and related clinical significance.

Location and Functions of Paranasal Air Sinuses

Location and functions of paranasal air sinuses


Opening of Paranasal Air Sinuses

Opening of paranasal air sinuses


Relations of Sphenoidal Air Sinuses

Relations of paranasal air sinuses


Nerve Supply of Paranasal Air Sinuses

nerve supply of paranasal air sinuses


Maxillary Air Sinuses- Boundaries, Relations, Nerve Supply and Applied Anatomy

Maxillary air sinus- boundaries, opening, applied anatomy


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