Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know

  • Parts of palate.
  • Bones forming hard palate.
  •   Origin, insertion, action and nerve supply of muscles of soft palate.
  • Sensory nerve supply of palate.
  • Arterial supply of palate.
  • Functions of palate.
  • Applied anatomy .

Parts of Palate- Hard and Soft Palate

Palate - hard and soft palate


Structures Forming Soft Palate

Structures forming soft palate


Muscles of Soft Palate

Muscles of soft palate


Functions of Soft Palate

Functions of soft palate


Arterial and Nerve Supply of Palate

Arterial and nerve supply of palate



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14 thoughts on “Palate

  1. Aditya Aggarwal says:

    Mam the Arterial supply of soft palate written above is not correct. It should be Greater palatine branch of maxillary artery instead of lesser palatine branch of maxillary artery.

  2. poonam says:

    Soft palate is supplied by lesser palatine artery. Third part of maxillary artery gives a descending palatine artery which divides into greater and lesser palatine arteries, Greater palatine supplies hard palate and lesser palatine supplies soft palate. Some books mention that greater palatine is a branch of maxillary artery which gives rise to lesser palatine artery. Therefore, we can say that greater palatine supplies soft palate.


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