Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know:

  • Location, extent and dimensions ( in males and females) of larynx.
  • Cartilages, ligaments and membranes of larynx.
  • Parts of laryngeal cavity.
  • True and false vocal cords.
  • Origin insertion, action and nerve supply of muscles of larynx.
  • Applied anatomy

Location, Extent, Dimensions and Functions of Larynx

Function, exten and dimensions of larynx


Cartilage of Larynx

Cartilages of larynx


Membranes and Ligaments of Larynx

Membranes and ligaments of Larynx


Laryngeal Cavity

Cavity of larynx

Muscles of Larynx

Muscles of Larynx

Nerve supply of Larynx

nerve supply of larynx



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