Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know about

  • Location and dimensions of adult human eyeball.
  • The three layers of eyeball – their components and functions.
  • Chambers of eyeball, flow of aqueous humor.
  • Refractive media  of eyeball including lens.
  • Layers of  retina.
  •  Macula lutea, fovea centralis and blind spot.

Location and Dimensions of Eyeball

eyeball location and dimensions

Optic Axis, Visual Axis and Layers of Eyeball

layers of eyeball anatomy


Abnormalities of Cornea and Corneal Reflex/Blink reflexcorneal reflex or blink reflex


Chambers of Eyeball

chambers of eyeball

Refractive media

refractive media of eyeball


Flow of Aqueous Humor

Flow of aqueous humor of eyeball


Lens and Its Abnormalities

lens of eye  and its abnormalities


Macula Lutea, Fovea Centralis and Optic Disc/Blind Spot

Macula lutea, fovea centralis, optic disk/blind spot


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