Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know

  • Parts of ear.
  • Features and nerve supply of auricle and external acoustic meatus.
  • Parts, , features , nerve supply and applied significance of tympanic membrane.
  • Contents and boundaries of middle ear/tympanic cavity.
  • Relations  of tympanic cavity and applied significance.
  • Parts and function of internal ear.
  • Features of auditory tube.

Parts of Ear

Parts of ear


Auricle – Features 

features of auricle


Auricle- Nerve Supply

Auricle-nerve supply


External Acoustic Meatus- Features  and Nerve Supply

External acoustic meatus- features, nerve supply


Tympanic Membrane

Tympanic membrane - parts, features and myrnigotomy


Tympanic Cavity/Middle Ear- Content and Boundaries

Tympanic cavity /Middle ear


Inner Ear – Bony and Membranous Labyrinth

Internal ear - bony and membranous layrinth


Auditory Tube

Auditory tube anatomy

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