Dural Venous Sinuses – Cavernous sinus

Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know

  • Names of the meninges covering brain.
  • Folds of duramater.
  • Paired and unpaired dural venous sinuses.
  • Location, relations, tributaries , connections and applied anatomy of Cavernous sinus.


Meninges of Brain

Meninges of brain


Folds of Duramater

Folds of Duramater


Unpaired and Paired Dural Venous Sinuses


Paired and unpaired dural venous sinuses

Cavernous Venous Sinus

cavernous venous sinus


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4 thoughts on “Dural Venous Sinuses – Cavernous sinus


    Ma’am in BDC 7 unpaired and 8 paired venous sinuses are given.
    Also, superior sagittal sinus is considered as unpaired venous sinus.
    Which one is correct?

    • poonam says:

      Dear Radhika, some authors do not include basilar plexuses of veins ( in unpaired ) and middle meningeal veins( in paired) dural venous sinuses, because actually they are not present between the folds of duramater. Thanks for letting me know that by mistake superior sagital sinus was put boyh in unpaied and paired dural venous sinuses. I have corrected that.


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