Cranial Nerves

Learning Objectives

After reading this post you will know

  •  Name of cranial nerves.
  • Functional components of cranial nerves.
  • Course and branches of cranial nerves.
  • Stuctures supplied by each cranial nerve.
  • Effect of lesions of cranial nerves.

Cranial Nerves- Functional Components

Functional components of cranial nerve


Oculomotor Nerve

Oculomotor nerve - funtional components, branches , lesion


Trochlear Nerve

trochlear nerve - functional component, branches, lesion


Trigeminal nerve

Trigeminal nerve anatomy

The Three Divisons of Trigeminal Nerve – Ophthalmic, Maxillary and Mandibular 

Ophthalmic, Maxillary and Mandibular nerve- branches and structures supplied

Abducent Nerve

aAbducent nerve- functional component, branches, muscle supplied and lesion


Facial Nerve

Facial nerve-functional components, branches and structures supplied


Supranuclear and Infranuclear lesion of Facial Nerve

Supranuclear and infranuclear lesion of facial nerve and bell's palsy


Glossopharyngeal Nerve

Glossopharyngeal nerve


Accessory Nerve


Accessory nerve - functional component,nuclei, branches , structures suppliedand lesion


Hypoglossal Nerve




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